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Welcome to Ashby BID!

Hello and welcome to our website, where we will keep you up to date with the developments relating to the Ashby BID.

Ashby De La Zouch lies at the heart of the National Forest. A historic market town with a population of approximately 13,000, it sits in a pleasant corner of North West Leicestershire offering a range of urban and rural amenities.

The town provides a unique offer in many ways, with it being at the centre of one of the boldest environmental projects over the last 25 years and its desire to be a ‘Forest Town’ and its heritage, perhaps best represented by the Castle. It combines a town centre that comprises of a permanent market, a range of high street and independent businesses offering shopping, food and drink. Alongside this you have the wider business parks and commercial areas. It also includes a museum, small theatre and library as well as an active business, local and public sector community which ensures that there are a range of exciting events from the traditional Ashby Statutes to the glamorous Ashby FABulous event.

Winning awards for its marketing and being nominated for the GB High Street Award showed a growing sense of confidence in the town and increased investment.

Strength comes from working together and partnership and in line with this the town businesses voted for a Business Improvement District (BID) in July 2021. The BID is a form of cooperative that will benefit us all. The BID will re-invest in the priorities that matter, appreciating the loyalty and pride of local people whilst attracting new visitors and investment. The business plan has been crafted to capture the essence of Ashby and address issues that businesses have told us need attention. We need to drive footfall into our shops, restaurants, bars and attractions – both in the centre and further.

Ashby BID will:
  • Invest over £1m
  • Raise our profile further
  • Carry out exciting projects and events to drive loyalty, footfall and spend
  • Make sure we are a welcoming, friendly and safe place
  • Make it easier for people to come into and move around the town
  • Give businesses the support they need to flourish by driving down business costs whilst being a powerful voice
For a full details of our projects and other information, please click here for the Ashby BID Business Plan

BID Facts


BIDs are an arrangement whereby businesses get together, decide what improvements they want to make in their town, how they will manage these and what it will cost them. This all goes into a business plan which is voted on by all those who would have to pay. The BID lasts for a maximum of five years and must be able to demonstrate how it benefits the businesses that have funded it. BIDs deliver additional projects and services over and above those already provided by public bodies. There are over 300 BIDs in the UK with the nearest ones being Loughborough, Hinckley, Melton & Leicester.


A BID is a mechanism which allows businesses to raise a sum of money to manage and deliver projects that they have identified and believe will improve their trading environment, ultimately increasing trade for those businesses who are paying for the improvements.


Once projects and services have been agreed by businesses along with how they are going to be delivered and managed, they are costed and set out in a business plan. The cost to each business is worked out on a pro rata basis. This is called the ‘BID LEVY’. An independent and formal vote then takes place on the agreed projects and services and if the majority vote is YES then ALL eligible businesses within the BID area HAVE to pay. The BID levy is normally paid by the occupiers of a property. In addition, BIDs can draw in other voluntary funding, grants and ‘in kind’ contributions to supplement the BID levy.


Normally a ‘BID Task Group’ is set up which is responsible for putting together a business plan setting out the projects it aims to deliver on behalf of the businesses in the BID area. This is based on a detailed consultation process with businesses. The business plan will include the projects, cost, delivery guarantees, performance indicators and the management structure. A confidential postal vote is held with all the businesses that would pay the BID levy getting a vote. To become a BID a majority of those that vote must be in favour by number and rateable value. A successful BID then has a mandate for a maximum of 5 years after which the BID would need to seek a re-ballot.


Like any good business plan, specific key performance indicators (KPIs) are set and performance is monitored against the KPIs by the BID board. The BID Company is answerable to the businesses that pay the BID levy and will be required to monitor and inform its members on its progress towards the agreed KPIs.


No. BID money can only be used to carry out projects/services ADDITIONAL to those that public services have to provide. Prior to the BID business plan being produced, the current services being delivered by all public agencies including the Local Authority and Police are set out in Baseline Statements. Baseline Statements for the following areas are available for the Ashby BID:

  • Cleansing & Maintenance
  • Festivals & Events
  • Leisure
  • Car Parking
  • Public Conveniences
  • Landscaping & Planting
  • Tourism
  • CCTV
  • Policing

The BID company can agree to provide additional resources to deliver a higher level of service over and above the benchmarked level if this is what businesses have identified they want.

By coming together as a business community, we can achieve so much more. The BID will bridge the gap between town centre businesses and those that are in the industrial estates and will also help to fight any future unprecedented situations, like the pandemic, together as a collective group.”

Sharon Keevins, MD, Kangaroo UK

The BID Area

List of Streets

Bakery Court
Bath Street
Brook Street
Burton Road
Charter Point Way
Coalfield Way
Coxons Mews
Dents Road
Derby Road
Elford Street
Excelsior Road
Ivanhoe Park Way
Kilwardby Street
Leicester Road
Lower Church Street
Market Street
Mill Lane Mews
Norman Court
North Street
Nottingham Road
Resolution Road
Rushtons Yard
Smisby Road
Smithy Road
South Street
Station Road
The Callis
The Green
Wood Street

* If you are unsure if your business is in the proposed BID area, please contact us

I am excited to be involved in the BID initiative as I know it will culminate in attracting investment, drive footfall, enable new ideas to thrive and build on our already vibrant day and night time economy both now and in the future. Most importantly this is a chance for us to have our own voice as a community and to have a say in how our funds are spent.”

Kate Adcock Zamani, Zamanis

The BID Team

The BID is run by businesses through an independent, not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, Ashby BID Ltd. The Board is made up of 12 directors from levy paying businesses or equivalent financial contributors. The board serves voluntarily (without payment) and will be accountable to BID levy payers for:

  • Effective delivery of the projects and services as set out in the BID business plan.
  • Upholding and promoting the BID’s vision and objectives.

All eligible businesses were sent information in order that they could become members of the company and stand for Director positions.


The current Directors are:

Helen Cormack


Mandy McIntosh

Kangaroo Marketing and Design

Sharon Keevins

Kangaroo Marketing and Design
Rebound & TopVR

Ben Sherriff

Rebound & TopVR
Sew Wardrobe & School of Sewing

Alison Smith MBE DL

Sew Wardrobe & School of Sewing
Dunkin Rushton Ltd

Nicholas J Rushton

Dunkin Rushton Ltd
Sweet Memory Lane

Fred Evans

Sweet Memory Lane

Kate Adcock Zamani

White Hart

Jaime Timms

White Hart
The Mosaic Partnership

Mo Aswat

The Mosaic Partnership
North West Leicestershire District Council

Barrie Walford

North West Leicestershire District Council
Ashby Town Council

Stuart Benson

Ashby Town Council

Latest News

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The Ashby BID makes perfect sense. For a cost, less than the daily coffee run, businesses gain so much and will unlock funding, that would not otherwise be available. This will enable promotions and events to really put Ashby de la Zouch on the map. Let’s be proud of our wonderful market town.”

Alison Smith MBE, Owner, School of Sewing and Sew Wardrobe

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